How is Speedo Minder™ different from my SatNav or NavApp?

Feature - Choose your own repeat alert/warning frequency.

Benefit: - Over-speed warnings persist until you slow down!

Feature - Choose your own 'over-speed' warning level: +1 to +9 Mph/Kph.

Benefit: - Fully customized through the App to your own driving style.

Feature - Speed Limits for 89 countries - API data from

Benefit: - API data is offline; pre-configured with auto updates.

Feature - Speed Cameras (178,400) for 44 countries - API data from

Benefit: - API data is offline; pre-configured with auto updates.

Speedo Minder™ Over-Speed Alert App on iOS & (soon) Android!

Configurable and repetitive Speeding and Speed Camera warnings.

Next Release: Connect to your Apple or Android Smartwatch!

Speedo Minder Pro + HERE™(using HERE Maps API)
available very soon from the Apple App Store.

FREE to download and use for 7 day FREE trial.

3 options:

1. Fully featured 1 year license NO Adverts for just US$4.99.

2. Fully featured 1 year license WITH Adverts for just US$2.49.

3. Upgrade to NO Adverts from option 2 for extra US$2.49.

FAQs and Answers

1. How does Speedo Minder work?

- Speedo Minder gives you Speed Limit & Speed Camera data using Maps API for offline road data.
The Speedo Minder App monitors your GPS speed against your customized 'Over-Speed' settings.

2. How does Speedo Minder help me?

- When you exceed your pre-set 'over-speed' the Speedo Minder App
delivers an audio alert plus vibrates your phone and your iWatch (iWatchOS Only) to vibrate you a warning.

3. Do I have to be online?

- No! Speedo Minder will use offline HERE maps for data.
But you will need the phone to be open to the sky for the GPS signal.

7. Why is there a speaker icon in the top left corner?

- If you ever want to temporarily silence the alerts,
tapping the speaker icon will pause alerts for 30 seconds.

8. Why do I need to give permission for location services?

- The App needs your GPS location in order to know the local speed limit data.

9. What are the best settings in configurations?

- Drivers will find their own configuration to best suit their driving conditions.
Setting the ‘Over-Speed’ to +3 and the ‘Repeat Alert Frequency’ to every 4 seconds will work for most drivers.

10. When will the iwatchOS app be available?

- The iWatchOS App is in development and will be available early mid 2018.

11. What is ‘Run in Background?

- If you need to answer a call the App will continue to ‘run in the background' for a short period.

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