How is Speedo Minder™ different from my SatNav or NavApp?


Feature - Choose your own repeat alert/warning frequency.

Benefit: - Over-speed warnings PERSIST - Until. You. Slow. Down!


Feature - Choose your own 'Over-Speed' warning level: +1 to +9 Mph/Kph.

Benefit: - Fully customized through the App to your own driving style.

Feature - Speed Limits for 89 countries - API data from

Benefit: - API data is offline; pre-configured with auto updates.


Feature - Speed Cameras (178,400) for 44 countries - API data from

Benefit: - API data is offline; pre-configured with auto updates.


Speedo Minder™ Over-Speed Alert App on iOS & (soon) Android!

Configurable and repetitive Speeding and Speed Camera warnings.

Next Release: Connect to your Apple or Android Smartwatch!


Speedo Minder Pro - Speed Alerts & Camera Warnings
(using Maps API)
available very soon from the Apple App Store.


FREE to download and use for 7 day FREE trial.

2 Options:

1. Fully featured 1 year license NO Adverts for just US$4.99.

2. Fully featured 1 year license WITH Adverts for just US$2.49.

PLUS: Upgrade to NO Adverts from option 2 for the extra US$2.49.

FAQs and Answers


1. How does Speedo Minder work?


- Speedo Minder gives you Speed Limit & Speed Camera data using Maps API for offline road data.
The Speedo Minder App monitors your GPS speed against your customized 'Over-Speed' settings.


2. How does Speedo Minder help me?


- When you exceed your pre-set 'Over-Speed' the Speedo Minder App
delivers an Audio Alert plus Vibrates your phone (and in the next update also vibrate/notify your Apple Watch) to give you a warning.


3. Do I have to be online?


- No! Speedo Minder will use offline HERE maps for data.
But you will need the app running and the phone to be open to the sky for the GPS signal.


7. What is the icon in the top left corner?


- This is a GPS strength meter. Also if you need to temporarily silence the alerts,
tapping the GPS icon will pause alerts for 30 seconds.

8. Why do I need to give permission for location services?


- The App needs your GPS location in order to know what the local speed limit is.

9. What are the best settings in configurations?


- Drivers will find their own configuration to best suit their driving conditions.
Setting the ‘Over-Speed’ to +3 or +4 and the ‘Repeat Alert Frequency’ to every 4 seconds will work for most drivers.


10. When will the WatchOS app be available?


- The WatchOS App is in development and will be available late 2018.

11. What is ‘Run in Background?


- If you need to answer a call the App will continue to ‘run in the background' for a short period; like during a quick phone call. 

12. Will Speedo Minder Pro work with Bluetooth hands-free & headphones for calls and music?


- The answer is 'yes'. To keep the speed alerts coming just be sure to keep the Speedo Minder dashboard visible on the main screen with other apps running in behind.

13. What about Motorcycle Riders?


- If you run a Bluetooth Helmet or earbuds, (maybe with with music too?) just set your music running the start SM Pro, check your settings and with SM Pro showing on the dashboard screen place your phone in your top/side pocket. The app will run with the GPS signal fine, sending Over-Speed Alerts over the top of the music or phone calls. Be careful of draining your battery. GPS is thirsty!!

Key Takeaways

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